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July 10, 2020

Nils Adler

Nils Adler is a British-Swedish freelance journalist. He is currently working on an ‘innovation series’ which looks to highlight lesser-known responses to environmental issues.

Nils has written for a wide range of publications and his photographs have been featured in the Guardian and El País.

He has reported from a number of regions including the UK, Turkey, Ukraine, Malta, Iraq, Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Belarus. Nils is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Nils is a big fan of the night train from Stockholm, Sweden to Narvik, Norway. He has worked on two projects from the Scandinavian Arctic region.

Nils is particularly interested in the role that Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland’s militaries play in the Arctic region.

Nils is available for commission.

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