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July 13, 2020

Gloria Dickie

Gloria Dickie Arctic Bureau

Gloria Dickie is a Canadian freelance journalist specializing in climate change and Asia’s interest in the Arctic. She has reported from northern mainland Norway, Svalbard, Iceland, Alaska, and the Canadian Arctic, as well as from China, Vietnam, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Nepal, India, and France.

Her latest Arctic reporting looks at the feasibility of a railway from the terminus of the Northern Sea Route in Kirkenes to Rovaniemi; how polar cod are responding to shipping vessel noise in Nunavut; spy wars along the Norway/Russia border; and China’s ambitions in the Canadian Arctic.

Her work appears in The Guardian, The Atlantic, Wired Magazine, Scientific American, Al Jazeera English, PRI’s The World, Science News magazine, National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, Arctic Today, and Arctic Deeply, among others.

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