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July 19, 2020

Irene Quaile

Irene Quaile-Kersken is a journalist specialising on polar issues, environment and climate. Irene is head of the feature and magazine-programming department at Deutsche Welle. She is responsible for all the English Service background programs, covering everything from the arts, through science and environment to business and political features. She is also the editor and presenter of DW’s award-winning weekly environment program “Living Planet.”

Irene has also worked for German national radio, Radio Netherlands, the BBC and ABC Radio National, Australia. She has received several international radio prizes, including a New York International Radio Festivals gold medal and a United Nations gold award for outstanding radio. She has travelled widely to countries including Mongolia, Laos and Tanzania, working on development and environment-related issues.

Irene’s fascination with the Arctic started back in 2007, when she was invited to join an international radio project to cover the International Polar Year. It was the beginning of a love affair and also of a deep concern for the icy regions of our planet and how we are changing them. Irene started the Ice Blog which has since been published by Deutsche Welle and also on Eye on the Arctic. Archived posts and pictures can be accessed at Ice Blog and all current material at iceblog.org.

Irene is originally from Scotland and received a first-class honors degree in German language and literature from St. Andrews University in 1981 and a Ph.D. from the same university in 1989.

Here are Irene’s latest blog posts:

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