Heading North....

August 26, 2020

Jenna Kunze

Jenna Kunze is a freelance reporter covering Alaska. Her bylines have appeared in High Country News, Indian Country Today, Smithsonian Magazine and Anchorage Daily News. She also has contributed to Unearth Women, a women-centered travel magazine.  Her work mainly focuses on the intersection between Iñupiat life, environment and culture.

She currently reports for both Native News Online and Tribal Business News.

Alaska Natives on the Front Line by Jenna Kunze and Alice Qannik Glenn won the audio/radio category in the Covering Climate Now Journalism Awards 2021.

The project examines how locals are affected by the rapidly changing climate and how they are adapting. Over the past decade, coastal storms and rising sea levels have threatened infrastructure; melting permafrost has buckled roads; and thinning sea ice has made travel and hunting riskier, part of the Iñupiat subsistence diet and tradition.

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