Heading North....

September 16, 2020

Julie Hollis

Julie is an Australian science communicator, geologist, and writer living in Greenland. She is interested in Arctic science, environment, and geopolitics, and particularly in the unique voice and perspective of Greenland in the Arctic. Julie has written for popular science outlet, Massive Science, Greenlandic print media, and extensively for mineral resource trade journals and geoscience academic publications.

She hosts Polar Podcasts – personal histories of the geological exploration of Greenland from the 50s to the present (https://polarpodcasts.buzzsprout.com/)  – and publishes a weekly blog on living in Greenland as a foreigner (www.arcticalien.net). Julie has a PhD in Geology and a Masters degree in Science Communication and Public Engagement.

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In this episode, we hear from Kent Brooks, Emeritus Professor at the Geological Museum in Copenhagen, about a chance discovery while on a geological expedition to east Greenland in 1966, the implications of which followed him over forty years.
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