Heading North....

Author: Nils Adler

New member
Naina Helén Jåma

“Naina Helén Jåma is a freelance photojournalist educated at the Nordic School of Photography. She is an indigenous Southern Sami,…

British-Italian journalist focused on the Arctic
Alexander Maxia

Alexander is a freelance journalist, researcher and fixer based in the university city Uppsala, a few kilometres north of Stockholm….

JohnJo Devlin

JohnJo Devlin is a BBC journalist, radio producer and podcast creator based between Oslo and London. His journalism centres on…

writes about all things Indigenous, and the North with a capital N
Ossie Michelin

Ossie Michelin is an award-winning Inuk freelance journalist and filmmaker from North West River, Labrador. He writes for a number of…

Arctic Environment
Julie Hollis

Julie is an Australian science communicator, geologist, and writer living in Greenland. She is interested in Arctic science, environment, and…

Arctic Environment
Katie Toth

Katie Toth is most passionate about sharing stories that get to the heart of a subculture — from the dynamics…

Arctic EnvironmentArctic Indigenous Communities
Jenna Kunze

Jenna Kunze is a freelance reporter covering Alaska. Her bylines have appeared in High Country News, Indian Country Today, Smithsonian…

Arctic EnvironmentArctic Trade
Benoît Derrier

After a decade working for French public radio as a sound engineer and podcast producer, Benoît relocated to Sweden in…

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