Heading North....

Author: Nils Adler

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Laureli Ivanoff

Laureli Ivanoff, Inupiaq and Yupik, is a freelance print and radio journalist in the fishing and hunting community of Unalakleet,…

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Malte Humpert

Malte Humpert is a Senior Fellow and Founder of The Arctic Institute, a non-partisan think tank based in Washington DC….

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Dave Walsh

Dave Walsh is an Irish writer, editor, photographer and communications strategist based near Barcelona. He has worked extensively on environmental…

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Gloria Dickie

Gloria Dickie is a Canadian freelance journalist specializing in climate change and Asia’s interest in the Arctic. She has reported…

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Alec Luhn

Alec Luhn is an American correspondent based in Moscow who has frequently reported from the Arctic, covering oil spills, permafrost…

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Kim Insuk

Kim Insuk (b.1985, Seoul, Korea) is currently working at Visit Greenland, the national tourism board of Greenland as a web…

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Nils Adler

Nils Adler is a British-Swedish freelance journalist. He is currently working on an ‘innovation series’ which looks to highlight lesser-known…

Arctic Travel
Werner Müller-Schell

Werner is a German-born journalist and photographer based in Sweden. Werner has long been an avid nature enthusiast, something which…

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